Rapunzel’s Tower.

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Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Castle in Clarens, where you can step into the enchanting realm of Rapunzel’s Tower. Inspired by the timeless fairytale of the long-haired princess, our tower offers an unforgettable escape into a storybook setting nestled amid the scenic beauty of South Africa’s Eastern Free State.

Castle in Clarens, where you can step into the enchanting realm of Rapunzel’s Tower.

The Princess Room

Spacious and located on the ground floor of Rapunzel’s Tower, the Prince’s Room is fitted with a queen size bed, with a medieval theme. Bask in the magical moments of the time of princes and dragons and relive the magic of enchanted love with the life-size mural painting of the prince and his beloved Rapunzel.

Transport yourself to these majestic times with this great backdrop. Nothing was spared for the discerning guest with features that include imported Italian tiles, a more volumetric flow shower head that gives a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and heated towel rail. Large bath towels, a King’s waste towel, Queen’s hair towel, face cloths and hairdryer fitting a Royal are provided.

Rapunzel’s Room.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel; let down your hair to me!”

You will not need a cascade of gold hair to ascend up to this magical room. Words fail to describe this majestic room fit for a king. The overwhelmingly comfortable bedding and priceless finishes make this the ideal room.

The Lounge.

In celebrating Rapunzel’s dream to be free and feel protected, an artistically amazing theme of angels and cherubs was used and one does not need to be Marina Abramović or a medieval theology scholar to understand the symbolism of the angels and cherubs.

The rich artistic brilliance and wonderful creativity of local artist Petro Uys came across with the staircase; delicate roses, handmade from steel, lazily curl their way up to the floors above that was manufactured on site. A small, but rich library and games will also be a good source of entertainment for those days you feel like staying in.

Sunset Corner.

While the Clarens’ nocturnal creature symphony provides the perfect soundtrack to your evening, get lost in the gentle glow of golden sunsets. The Sunset Corner was carefully designed and positioned, to enable you to look directly, even only for just a moment, at the sun god.

The sundial at Sunset Corner is decorated with small pieces of Mosaic mirrors and glass. These mirrors and glass joyfully kiss every sunbeam that flirts with the Red Moluti mountains.

The Kitchen.

The Castle in Clarens kitchen is something straight out of a fairytale. With natural materials and earthy colours foremost in the design, it is an Old World-style kitchen. The reason why the kitchen is so well equipped can be found in the fairytale. With all those wonderful herbs and exotic flowers at her disposal; breaking bread with your loved ones is made into a memorable experience. Prepare delicious dishes with cooking books made available for you to explore. There is a recipe to fit every occasion.

The Duke of Clarence plate and the other breathtaking icons, painted by Zephne Labuschagne, will not only be conversation pieces, but art to be enjoyed at the privacy of your own kitchen.

Chamber of Angels.

What is better than enjoying your braai (barbecue) under the watchful eye of various angels, dating back to the Gothic era, and be guarded by the Angel of the sky (masterfully painted by Stefan Snyman), while you relax on luxurious patio furniture?

Venue and Garden.

The garden is especially designed to fit in with the Rapunzel fairytale. Thorns trees, small pathways, and of course the vegetable garden with the famous Rampion, are all very true to the fairytale. Rapunzel’s Tower sleeps 4 people; the two double rooms with en-suite bathrooms have exquisite finishes: a bath suspended 12 meters above ground level is all part of the experience. No detail was spared to ensure that guests can enjoy a true fantasy experience, only fit for royalty.

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