Aladdin’s Palace.

Explore the rooms.

Whether you’re hosting a special event or looking for a unique getaway, Aladdin’s Palace is the perfect destination for those who crave adventure, romance, and a touch of fantasy.

Come and immerse yourself in a world of magic and indulge in the ultimate fairytale experience.

Aladdin’s Room.

Aladdin’s bright red room brings wonderful emotions of warmth and comfort.  The room has a queen size bed and en-suite bathroom with a large shower.

The room boasts with Aladdin’s turban and shoes worn at his wedding with Princess Jasmin.  His jewellery is on display and there is a magical lamp hosting the genie, or is this cloaks and daggers – Maybe the magical lamp is in Princess Jasmin’s room.

Jasmin’s Room.

Jasmin’s blue room is the ultimate in Royal living.  The queen size bed has magnificent views on Mount Horeb and the Red Mountains.

There is an en-suite bathroom with a large shower and bath.  Princess Jasmin is proudly showing her tiara and jewellery when she married her beloved Aladdin.  There is also a magical lamp that hosts the genie.

The Lounge.

The lounge immediately engulfs you in luxury with rich colours filling the room.  Stained glass windows from Persia and carpets from the region instill a deep sense of style and grandeur.

The magnificent day bed is created for guests to lounge and listen to the water feature softly sprinkle its magic sounds and take you away to another world.  Various candle-filled corners invite guests to live this fantasy life from somewhere far, far away.

The various art pieces and original Moroccan tiles and French fireplace ensure a truly international experience and makes sure that nobody goes cold in this Palace.

The Dining Room.

The royal blue dining room gives one a glimmer of true splendour.  Small mirrors bring nature into the room and the magnificent dining room, imported from Morocco seats 8 people (The Palace sleeps a maximum of 4 people, but if you book both Castles then one can entertain all 8 guests in Aladdin’s Palace)

The fully equipped kitchen is serving directly to the dining room and overlooks the fantastical entertainment area outside which has a built-in braai (barbeque).  Enjoy unparalleled sunsets from the extended deck and let the total feeling of calm overwhelm you while gazing at the sunset over the Red Mountains.

The Kitchen.

The kitchen comes fully equipped with all modern amenities, including a gas hob set in marble countertops. The double-door fridge freezer will accommodate all your food for the duration of your stay. There is also a cooking extractor hob with a magnificent 6 seater table where you can enjoy yourself with your friends or family.

Outdoor spaces.

The venue features several indoor and outdoor spaces, including a large timber deck area that offers stunning panoramic views of the mountains, providing the perfect backdrop for sunset cocktails and intemate gatherings.

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